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Newsprint () HOLLYWOOD, CA - In a shocking new revelation of the Baby Ally story, which had calmed down after countless days of controversy, the unknown brother of Sam Jones III, Japeer Alhallalalanza Jones, has emerged onto the scene with a letter of his own. Addressed to the press, and exclusively printed here, you can see now the real story of Sam Jones III and the relationship between him and his brother.
Dear Reader,
This be tha first letter I written since I was doing time for something I never did but they convict me anyway for shoplifting two dozen eggbeaters eggs and a blender. Why tha fuck would I do that? Why would anyone do that? I'da stole at least bread or something that I could eat. I wouldn't steal no eggs and a blender just so I could have some kinda egg drink or something. What I'm writing for is this bullshit that my brotha Sam is dillin with this fool ass bitch named Baby Ally. Cuz, she is playin him tha fool. She may only be like one year old but she slick. She got tha evil eye. Because I ain't in no spotlight I can watch people for they tricks. And she is full of tricks.
I have been singing R&B now for the past five years, but I can't put my face on the cover of the CDs because I'm so ugly. Ya'll don't have to try and be kind neiva because I accept it. And that's true.
These days I hang with KROO and try to be troo to mahseff and mah bruvas, but my real bruva Sam is being real disjointed and distant, and so how's I sbosed to be connected wif him? Sos I write this meffizage to tha papers so that he realize that you cain't evah nevah forget yo ril siblings.
I am a ugly man. I know that. But that don't mean I cain' have no voice. I am sincere. And honest. And mah bruva Sam tha Three betta not Be no triflin' Peep, is Slee-Zee what he doin' to All-ee. She cain' be played but cuz, she tryin to play so maybe that make it...oh-kay. Nah'mean?



California Times-Gazette () LOS ANGELES, CA - KROO Member MacDawgnawld's, the official spokesperson of KROO ("We luv to see you smahle", his motto) blamed the media for their portrayal of Sam Jones's ugly brother, while Sam Jones III could not be immediately reached for comment.
"Dis be tha work of tha devil," says MacDawgnawld's, who along with KROO, are finishing up a summer tour in Los Angeles this weekend, "we be true, and ya'll cain' respect dat."
Baby Ally's press agent promises to have a statement by the middle of the week to the end of the week, but the controversy presses on, as Baby Ally has had to cancel three appearances on television for the week to deal with this issue. Polls recently have indicated that Baby Ally and Sam Jones III have treated Sam Jones's ugly brother "unfairly" and "unjustly" and the brother deserves "our support." MacDawgnawld's agrees.
"Yo dis foo is tryan ta be honest and ya'llsizall his nizall fo tha fizall of tha dizall. Represent," he says.
It is unclear where this issue could go, but according to entertainment analyst Garrett Lipkinstein, "It could be devastating to not only Baby Ally, but any other baby or toddler who doesn't take the side of the ugly brother. He deserves a voice, and now he has one. Who's going to listen? And who isn't? This could go as far as court, the way I see it." (SEP 20/2003/09:34PM ET)

California Times-Gazette () LOS ANGELES, CA - With still no word from Baby Ally, more and more celebrities have been at their soapboxes, including Lizzy McGuire star Hilary Duff, who has been inquiring about the whereabouts of Baby Ally ever since Ally promised to make an appearance on the Disney channel with Duff, who plays McGuire.


"This isn't fair to me," said Duff in an interview, "like we can't wait around for something to happen here. Baby Ally has been nowhere and she can't hide behind the Smallville curtain. We're supposed to do this Lizzy McGuire thing for Disney, and she won't return my phone calls!"
Duff is not the only celebrity to be voicing her opinion about Baby Ally not making appearances. Popular actor Craig T. Nelson, star of the CBS hit show The District reported that Baby Ally was to make an appearance on his show in which she played a depressed teenager who claims Jack Mannion, Nelson's character, is her real father.
"It was going to be a stretch, we know," said Nelson, "I mean, [Ally] is exactly fourteen years younger than the part she was going to play, but with make-up and digital effects the way they are now, we didn't think it was going to be a problem. Now she won't return any phone calls, and everyone is getting frustrated. And so am I."
Nelson demanded answers after Ally allegedly threw a "temper tantrum" on a conference call from the producers of the show. "She was irrational, and cranky," explained producer Denise DiNovi, "we don't usually put up with behavior like this from actors, but because she is only one years old, we made an exception. Now we're thinking we shouldn't. She is not easy to work with at all."
All of this comes at a bad time for Ally, who is not being breastfed anymore because, according to her mother, she "is too old for it". Her mother declined to comment about the situation, but promises Baby Ally is working on a resolution.
Meanwhile, singer/songwriter Billy Gilman has caught wind of the ordeal, and he decided to speak out in defense of Baby Ally.
"I intend on having a benefit concert for her, probably within two weeks because I have to assemble the bands," says Gilman, the wonder boy superstar singer.


Gilman, who has never worked with Baby Ally, denied claims that she would ever give anyone a hard time on purpose. "She's only a little girl. A sweet rose petal and if we treat her as sweet as she is, we get no thorns. It's really simple. She is a fallen leaf during autumn. A beautiful maple. She is a treasure."
The disagreeing celebrities continue to come out and have their say, but Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum admits listening to Billy Gilman's words about Baby Ally are "touching." "He just know what to say and when to say [it]," said Rosenbaum. (SEP26/2003/7:39 PM/ET)


Finally, Baby Ally joins her friends on stage in the most talked-about
entertainment event of the year!
Billy Gilman hosts the First Benefit Concert for Baby Ally
and babies across the country that suffer from celebrity status
The BILLY GILMAN CELEBRITY  SALUTE TO BABY ALLY contributes to the following funds:
*Iz Da Troof*
(sponsored by KROO featuring Boss Raffadelious)
Giving funds to ghetto hoodlums to get their lives in order and make great hip hop albums.

*My Heart Still Burns Fund*
(sponsored by Ted & Faye Jaigofsky, and the American Association of Indigestion)
 For those who struggle with heartburn
*Baby Ally Toddler Fund* (NEW!)
(sponsored by Billy Gilman, Sam Jones III, and the National Association of Toddler Funds Networks)
As always, giving to the needy toddlers in the

*Underwater Poverty Fund*
(sponsored by PETA and the National Assocation of American Human Interests)
 For those less fortunate who live underwater.
They're people too.

*Fugly Fund*
(sponsored by Linda Tripp and Nora Roberts)
 giving to the fucking ugly population who need our support.

*Beatz Fo Feetz*
(sponsored by KROO)
 Giving the urban children shoes who can't afford them
by the powerful use of R&B beats.

OCTOBER 1, 2003


Newsprint () HOLLYWOOD, CA - According to Sam Jones III, Japeer Alhallalalanza Jones is not really his brother. "This is some kind of scandal that has nothing to do with me," Jones III said. His response, while emotional, was also cryptic, according to Sam Gray-Miller, an attourney representing Japeer Jones, who says for Sam Jones III to "prove it" if Jones III claims that Japeer is not his brother.

"I believe my client, I don't think he would tell me a lie," said Gray-Miller.
Japeer, who was unavailable for comment, was recently seen travelling to New York City for "unexplained reasons", but allegedly was considering going to the Billy Gilman Celebrity Salute to Baby Ally event. His attourney denied the allegation.
"Japeer has family and friends in New York, he has every right to go there, what would he be doing going to the [event]? He didn't receive an invitation, he is not going."
But Sam Jones III thinks otherwise. "I am a celebrity. Let's face it. People are going to try and take advantage. I mean, anyone could claim to be my brother. That kind of information isn't really known around the country, so it leaves the door open for frauds. Look, I have nothing against anybody, but this guy? He is really wearing on me. And he's ugly as hell, too. God."
Other Smallville actors have spoken up in defense of Sam Jones III as well, such as Tom Welling and Kristen Kreuk. "It's just wrong," said Kreuk and Welling, "it's not right," said Welling, "and it's really wrong," said Kreuk. "We won't stand for it, we're going to help Sam as much as we can. He is the anchor of the show, he is also one of our best friends," said one of them.
Where this goes, no one knows for sure, but Sam Jones III said, "I'm going to take this one day at a time. The fraud will be exposed. This guy is not my brother, and he can't keep getting all of this media attention." But we will follow this story as it unfolds. (SEP 29/2003/03:43AM/ET)





After sending countless letters to her favorite TV celebrity star, Sam Jones III (from TV's Smallville on the WB network), she received this letter back from Sam Jones HIMSELF!!!
Dear Baby Ally,
I am very touched and honored that you write to me. I indeed have had a very interesting few years here on "Smallville", and I have been in a few movies as well that have kept me very busy. Did you ever see "ZigZag"?
Well, I hope you have kept up in following "Smallville" and continue to watch as well.
P.S. - I also type terribly. I get help from Kristen Kreuk sometimes.
Sam Jones III
WOW!!! Isn't that AMAZING?? Well, it wasn't long before Baby Ally wrote back. And soon they became fast friends. And it wasn't long before Sam Jones's co-star, the lovely KRISTEN KREUK, also got into the mix!!!
Dear Baby Ally,
Hi! This is Kristen! Sam told me about you and I think it's really COOL that U know how 2 type letters at one years old! 4 real! I wish I could have done that at your age.
Write me back!
Kristen @--)--)-- (no thorns!!! :-)   )
Well, as you can probably tell, Baby Ally was really excited. And the more she wrote back, the more the buzz spread!
                >babyALLY  :D


Newsprint () HOLLYWOOD, CA - After weeks and weeks of dodging the issue about baby sensation Baby Ally, Sam Jones III and Kristen Kreuk of the WB's Smallville (Tue 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT) admitted their correspondence, but not without the consent of the child herself.
"We just wanted to talk to her," said Kreuk, who plays Lana Lang on the TV show, "she is just the loveliest person I've ever met."
Sam Jones III declined to comment, but according to his press agent, the relationship between he and Baby Ally is strictly platonic, and any suggestion otherwise is an outrage.
Other stars of the show have flocked to the story. Co-star Michael Rosenbaum, who plays the charismatic anti-hero Lex Luthor in the show, also made a statement.

"I'm sure the last thing Baby Ally needs is more attention on the subject. We're all here for her. Even though she has not contacted me personally, we are all here for her."
Tom Welling also declined to comment. Allison Mack was not available for comment. All others who were not available for comment or declined to comment are not going to be commented about.
But who is Baby Ally? And what does she really want? As news breaks, Newsprint will report it. (SEP2/2003/8:39PMET)

Dear Sam JONes iII;
i'M realyf glad you wrote back to me1 i'm tryin g relaly hard to wrtie as good as i can but YOu know how it is. Say HI to everyone for me at the show! becuz i realy like ALL of them! I like KRISTEN RKruek a lot becuz she is a GIRL like me and I also like ALLISON MACK becuz she is a girl too!!! but i like you alot becuz you have an awesome backpack that i want when i get older and also you get to do a lot of cool stuff, and your friends with CLARK KENT which is SO COOL becuz i want to be his friend when i grow up, too!!!!!
i don't like lex luthor though becuz he has no hair. and he is weird.
i'm going to look for your movie and i also want tto rent "crossroads" becuz i like movies about girls on road trips. hav eyou ever seen "BOYS ON THE SIDe"//?? IT IS sooo good! anyways, thank you for writing me, sam! I will look forward to hearing form you later!

Newsprint () LOS ANGELES, CA - A new development in the Baby Ally story shows resentment among some of the cast members of popular WB TV show Smallville which is entering its third season this year. Actors Sam Jones III and Michael Rosenbaum were reported to have been "dismayed" by the latest Baby Ally letter that was allegedly written for Sam Jones III.


"I am not considering this as an attack, but I am hurt," said Sam Jones III in an interview, "I just think [Baby Ally] and me really hit it off and I thought I was her favorite. I mean, she told me I was. Now she says different. Why does she have to lie?"
He is not the only member of the Smallville cast to speak out about the situation. While actor Tom Welling boasts, "We get a lot of fan mail," cast members including Sam Jones III say, "Not me."
But, why the sudden change of heart from Baby Ally? If in fact Sam Jones III was her favorite cast member, why did she mention the others as being either just as good or better? Sam Jones III says, "I just don't know. I don't know why she had to do this to me. I really want to get to know her better. But now? I just want to stay away. And that's just not me."
Actor Michael Rosenbaum said, "She just needs to know what kind of person I am that is not [portrayed] in the show. I am not bald, for one thing. And also, I am a good guy once you get to know me. I'm not 'weird'. I think she's just jumping the gun, and I don't know why.


While the stars of Smallville are avidly involved, the question is: who else can be brought into this? Baby Ally in a recent interview said she meant to "harm" to any of the cast members of the show, and promises she does like them all, but sometimes she likes one better than the other. Micahel Rosenbaum has promised to write Baby Ally a letter guaranteeing she will like his character more this year, and Allison Mack is allegedly writing a letter as well proclaiming, "You will love me this year." Other cast members, and crew members of the show, are just preparing for another season.
"We're just trying to get this thing put together, we don't have time for all of the outside politics," said co-creator Miles Millar. "We want to please the fans. If Baby Ally is a fan like she claims to be, then we want to please her as well. But whether she likes Sam Jones III better than Mike Rosenbaum is not in our hands. We can only do what's best for the show."
And what exactly is best for the show? One suggestion from a crew member was to allow Baby Ally to make a cameo appearance in an upcoming episode, possibly as an enchanted baby or some kind of cosmic force in the form of a baby; but, according to the producers of the show, that is not a realistic approach to handling the situation. So until then, the only thing the cast can hope for is that their fans, including Baby Ally, tune in each week. And according to star Tom Welling, that "shouldn't be a problem." (SEP2/2003/11:51PM ET)

Newsprint () SANTA MONICA, CA - A mysterious letter from Boys on the Side star Drew Barrymore that was reported to have reached Baby Ally on Friday allegedly illustrated Barrymore's disappointment in Baby Ally's "mind games" that she was playing on professional actors in the field of television. 


"I think you are being completely unfair to some of these people," it says in the letter. It also goes on to describe Barrymore's obsequious attitude toward Baby Ally's liking of Boys on the Side, as Barrymore points out it was one of her favorite films to work on, but the fact remains, she said, that "actors are people too, and you cannot ignore that fact. That you would single someone out and say that that person is the best is really unfair, and you should know better." Though she understands Baby Ally's age, she also says, "if you can talk like this, you should also have the sense to know when you're hurting someone."
Baby Ally's involvement in this has been little to none since, according to her mother, she has been "sleeping and eating a lot, and can't be available for comment," and since Baby Ally is still being breast fed, her mother cannot allow interviews while she is "indecent". Baby Ally's napping times have also risen due to "stress" according to her mother, Faye, and since the explosion of Sam Jones III toward her, she is "upset" and doesn't even want to "play with her toys". "It's been very troubling for her," said her mother Faye, "I just wish these Hollywood celebrities would leave her alone."
But will the celebrities understand this falling out? Or do they want to know the truth from Baby Ally? When the news breaks, it is certain that it will be a top story around the world. (SEP8/2003/08:30PM ET)


Dea r everyone,
I apologize for not writing back soooner but I have been very busy with my napping becuz according to my moM i was n't sleeping enoguh and I was spedning to much time writing to famous celebrities, and so I took a whole lot of really long naps. But now I ahve read all of these things and I want it to STOP!!1 Becuz I like EVERYONE and I don't think it's really ncie of cerain people to tkae things out of context. I am only on e years old and I hae a lot of growing up to do so please bear with me!! I am trying to be the best I canf be. Sam Jones III I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! please don'T be angry! And I relaly DO like you, Micahel Rosenbaum, I kknow that you have to be bald for the show, but it's just WEIRD. And I like Drew Barrymore a lot and I don't like the fact that that letter she sent me FIRST OF ALL never got to me, and second of ALL it was given to the meedia! Please I want everyone to understand that it's hard being a baby, but it's harder when you have all these PRESSURES on you!
Thank you for all of your letters, though and I PROMISE i will be better at writing letters. Again, I apologzie for the misspellings and typos. My spellcheck is not wroking right and my stupid brother won't help me with editing.
Baby ally

Dear Baby Ally,
I am so touched by the letter you had sent everybody and I really wanted to reach out and say that I am very proud of you. I used to have problems socially as well, as I could not say my "r"'s very well.


I think it was a very heartwarming gesture what you did, and coming from one of YOUR biggest fans, Kristen Kreuk, I just wanted to say that I am very, very proud of you. Years ago, I could not say "very". I had a hard time. I also had a hard time saying "hard". It would take me a while to get a sentence out that had an "r" in it. But now, I am better, and I believe I grew from it. I think you are growing as well. I am sending you, as a gift from my heart, a Smallville pasafire (it has a cute logo of an "S" on it, then it says "Smallville" below it!!) and a batch of homemade pea and carrot blend baby food. My mother says it tastes much better than Gerber, and it comes straight from my heart.
Much luck to you, and please write back!
Kristen ((singing "You've Got a Friend in Me" right now!)) 
<3 (a heart for you!!)

San Diego Daily () SAN DIEGO, CA - In a recent interview with Sam Jones III on a mid-afternoon talk show called Interview: With Patrick Wisnick, Jones admitted Baby Ally was "forgiven" after being asked about the recent controversy surrounding the show's cast.
"She's always on my mind," said the Smallville star, who promises more surprises with his role as Pete Ross, "and she's always in my heart. Of course I forgive her. I think she made us all really think about things. It's hard living in Hollywood and doing what you're doing, on top of having close friendships, especially when the friend is so young. I'm glad she's understanding, and I feel privileged to be her friend."
Other stars including Allison Mack and Michael Rosenbaum also declared that the issues they had with Baby Ally were "dropped" and were ready to "move on" with their "life". No comment from Baby Ally, but according to her mother, she is very happy with things now, and has really enjoyed Kristen Kreuk's baby food.
Tom Welling expressed disappointment in the cast's involvement with Baby Ally and felt she "got more attention than she deserved", but said he didn't mind her being in the spotlight for too long. "I just hope this whole thing's over now," said Welling, who plays the smart, but still innocent Clark Kent, "the show was really getting away from everyone's view. I think that's changed now."
The other cast members who do not share that sentiment, especially Kristen Kreust, have even opted for an open invitation for Baby Ally to come to the set of the show, and perhaps even appear in a cameo! For now, however, that will simply have to be discussed by the show's creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, who both claim to be "Baby Ally fans." (SEP 10/2003/8:07PM ET)


Newsprint () HOLLYWOOD, CA - In a brand new development on the Baby Ally case, a local California newspaper, the San Diego Daily, has reportedly reported false information about the Baby Ally story. According to reliable sources, and exclusive insider information, Smallville star Allison Mack is not content at all about Baby Ally's letter to everyone, and in an interview with The Berkeley Star, Mack claimed co-star Kristen Kreuk was "being manipulative," and "selfish."


According to the interview, Mack, who plays ace high school news editor in chief Chloe Sullivan, had expressed raw emotions and a "passionate disliking" of Kristen Kreuk and her involvement with Baby Ally.
"Tom [Welling] and I had talked about Baby Ally and we both agreed that [Kristen] was taking this thing way too seriously, and I'm like, why do we really have to care so much?"
This is coming as a shock to many, especially since this is happening at the time of the second anniversary of the September 11th attacks, and many of the cast members and crew members will not be available for any comments.
The interview, which was printed on September 8th, was not greeted with much hysteria because "the issue was taking care of itself", according to a Smallville insider.
But, clearly, the issue has not taken care of anything. In fact, due to the San Diego Daily's unprofessional and hurried journalism, facts were mixed around and tampered with. Now the story can be told with full knowledge of facts, and truth. (SEP 10/2003/11:49PM ET)
(*Newsprint*, offering a fair, and balanced view on news journalism.)

California Times-Gazette () LOS ANGELES, CA - After attacking the San Diego Times on journalism, Newsprint also added that they offered a "fair, and balanced" view on journalism, a term the San Diego Times claims ownership to. They also took issue with the fact that they were being attacked on the validity of their journalism. Although both editors in chief of both newspapers declined to comment, Newsprint attourney Ty Graff defends their usage of the term, citing that the San Diego Times claims to offer a "fair and balanced", not a "fair, and balanced" view on journalism.
"You see," says Graff, "that comma is very important because a fair and balanced view is different from a fair comma and balanced view. It's just that simple."
Graff declined to comment further, and the issue is at a standstill. But further developments will be printed as they break. (SEP11/2003/02:32AM)


Greetings and salutations to all. We are the proud parents of this special little girl we have brought into this world, known as 'Baby Ally'. We would just like to say, on behalf of the Jaigofsky family, that our daughter, Baby Ally, has been very deeply affected emotionally by what's happened in the past few days, and has become very cranky so much to the point that she cannot write any more mail to anyone. We as parents are very disappointed in the way that the Hollywood celebrities have treated our poor little daughter. All we have ever wanted was the best for her. And when we allowed her to write all of those letters, we did it out of love. We knew she was staying up late, drinking more milk than she should have, using her father's laptop at all hours of the night, and stressing out so much that she went through three pasafires in two days. She also has begun drooling an awful lot, and when she does not get her way at meal times, she bangs her juice cup on her height chair until finally we have to calm her down and put her to bed. She cries when her pasafire falls out of her mouth, or when her toys don't fit in her hands very well. She throws a fit, and gets cranky, and demands attention. This is not the normal lifestyle that a baby should have to go through. We should know. We have raised a bright young boy. Why hasn't anyone taken notice of him? He is not as cunning as Ally is, and he is probably too old to be considered a prodigy, but he is still very smart and very good at math. Couldn't the Hollywood celebrities use him for their publicity? We appreciate the help, however, of such celebrities as Drew Barrymore and Kristen Kreuk, and even Michael Rosenbaum who visited just a few days ago to give us our mail for the week. It was a very kind and sweet gesture.
But, please allow us to raise Baby Ally under the light of our kitchen and our living room, and bedroom, and not that of a television studio or film studio. She has too big of a heart for Hollywood.
We love her so much.
Ted & Faye



California Times-Gazette () LOS ANGELES, CA - Smallville co-star Allison Mack has now given an interview about her real feelings on the matters of Kristen Kreuk, Baby Ally, and her position on what is fair, and balanced. After the taping of the first two episodes, and the controversy has calmed down following a heart felt letter by Baby Ally's parents that was printed in this newspaper, she has decided to talk publicly about what she has thought of the past week.
"None of what's been said about me is true, I'm not resentful, but I am angry and disappointed in the way my relationship with Baby Ally and the cast of Smallville has been portrayed in the media." In her letter that follows this article, she explains that there is no bad blood between her and the cast, but that her views on Baby Ally have changed. "What I want is some closure," she said, "I'd really like to hear from her personally. Show me that she really cares." She also went on about the newspaper dispute. "California has a lot of good journalism," she said, "but I don't know what's fair and balanced. I really don't. That's not my issue."
Allison Mack otherwise has simply gotten ready for her role in Smallville for its third season, and plans to have a better year than last. (SEP12/2003/2:04PM ET)


California Times-Gazette () HOLLYWOOD, CA - Baby Ally, returning to the public for the first time in over a week, has accepted an invitation from Kristen Kreuk to join the cast of Smallville in a special episode coming in October that involves a baby scientist who is trying to take over the world. The twist? The baby is Clark Kent's sister! Creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have been hush-hush about any other developments on the episode, but do confirm the show will be co-written by Baby Ally and the creators themselves. The episode will also include a special appearance by new-found friend Drew Barrymore, who couldn't wait to work with Baby Ally, after finding out she could act. Not all cast members were available for comment, but according to Sam Jones III, everyone is "very happy."
"It's about time we just put our differences aside, all of us [the cast]," Sam Jones III said. "I think this makes things right again."
"We're all so happy to be a part of her [Baby Ally's] world again," said Drew Barrymore while talking about other upcoming projects. "I would be honored to work with her."
Baby Ally, after napping for thirteen hours straight, which was a record for any baby the Jaigofsky family has ever seen, finally awoke to say, "enough". According to her press agent, June Lycand, who was adminstered to her by Baby Ally's parents, Baby Ally wanted to get in contact with Sam Jones III and Allison Mack to end this dispute.
"It was time for wounds to heal," said Ally in a rare two-minute interview granted by Lycand, "and I think it's time for us to move on, you know what I mean?"
Baby Ally, interviewed outside her home while she was playing in a sandbox with her older brother, insisted that the interview be short, and her brother not be involved. "I don't like when he's around," she said, "he smells," she added.
Her brother, who was unavailable for comment, allegedly turned and ran inside crying.
The change of heart by Baby Ally's parents to allow her to speak publicly was not spoken about.
"I'm glad we can go on and do our show now," said Michael Rosenbaum. Allison Mack agreed.
"She is a cute kid," she said, "and I think maybe we can get along."
Sam Jones III was holding Baby Ally in his arms after they were finished shooting, and she removed her pasafire to tell him he is a good friend. Sam Jones III was seen weeping with joy.
"It was so beautiful!" Kristen Kreuk exclaimed to interviewers who were live on the set. "I am so happy this over! It's very fustrating...frust...fuhruhstuhr...frust...rating when things like this happen, and I'm so glad it's finally over. I'm so emotional, please excuse me," she then wept in the arms of Tom Welling, who was smiling happily. He, however, declined to comment.
"Things are going to be okay, I think," said Jones III, "we promised to hang out this weekend, and I think when all is said and done, we're better friends for all of this. I sang to her, 'Just the Two Of Us', the Will Smith version, and she started crying. And it made me cry. Yeah. Me. Can you believe it? What can I say though? It was real emotional. And I like to sing when I'm emotional. I'm thinking of putting out a record sometime in the future."
A happy family then? Some say yes. Others want to wait. But one thing is clear: things are quite content on the set of Smallville these days.
(SEP 12/2003/3:34PM ET)



California Times-Gazette () LOS ANGELES, CA - After over a week of debating and threatening lawsuits, a spokesperson for Newsprint finally came to an agreement over the dispute of "fair, and balanced." The case was settled in a small dining hall during a luncheon, where the editors in chief of each paper met each other, and also met neo-celebrity Baby Ally. According to the editors, Baby Ally made the decision.
"She compared our dispute to yucky baby food spilled all over the height chair after eating," said editor in chief of the San Diego Times, Blaine Halperin. "And she explained that the dispute was 'as empty as her juicecup' and then she held up the juicecup. It really helped us come to a decision because it was, in fact, fair and balanced."
They came to the agreement that neither paper was fair, and balanced, but that Newsprint was fair, and the San Diego Times was balanced. They will resume reporting on the matters of Baby Ally in a few days, and while neither own exclusive rights, whichever gets the story first will print it first. That includes this news journal as well. As for Baby Ally, she fell asleep in the arms of Blaine Halperin, an action so brave and adorable, it brought tears to his eyes, according to his press agent. (SEP13/2003/05:32AM ET)