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The views and thoughts oh sorry, the views and thoughts and ideas and content and thoughts are those solely expressed by the author(s) of this site and are not meant to cause anyone any sort of harm. This site is not endorsed by any kind of marketing or any other company other than the one that allowed to exist at all. Anything on this site deemed offensive or inappropriate will be defended by the site using the First Amendment, and maybe even the Second Amendment or the Fourth Amendment if need be; but probably not.
What else...
Oh yes. We here at believe truly that this site does not pose a threat to anyone at all, and if it's any consolation; if you've been offended by anything on this site, please know this:
Zack Champagne never graduated college. And he went to the University of Delaware, okay? And by the way we love the University of Delaware, and if you'd like to check out all of the great and wonderful things they offer, check out their web site! Click here--> Awesome! So, anyway, he's probably not smart or clever enough to put together anything worth meaning. Not to denounce his efforts. He really tries hard. But if it's any consolation, Zack Champagne is a failure and a miserable, sarcastic, jerk. He doesn't even wear shoes sometimes.
Thank you. And have a warm, pleasant day.
We also love America very much, and wish she would call more often.