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Here at WMDS Radio, we're pleased to bring you

The HUGE Show!

Shayreef and Raydell have been best friends for a long time...and now, you can hear some of their stories and exchanges.


In this broadast, Shayreef & Raydell reminisce about their childhood days, as Shayreef tells Raydell a story about babysitting his Aunt's kids, and finds that they have an extensive "Berenstain Bears" collection.

If you're American, we know you love politics. And WMDS 1880 Radio has been offering the best political talk radio debates. Whether you're liberal or conservative, we offer a show that audiences and critics have been raving about. Crosstalk illustrates the real fire between bleeding heart liberals and arch conservatives, and hosts Brad Lawson (from the right) and Jay Isler (from the left) give enough gab to fill your political plate!

In this episode, Jay and Brad discuss the war in Iraq, the war on terrorism, the situation with the Democratic party and the upcoming 2004 election, and race issues! Special panel guests are Glenn Smith of the Ku Klux Klan, and Shayreef Jefferson, an African American!

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