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The following letter came from a very special person that we here at The Network decided to post publicly.
MY NAME SI BAB Y ALLY SORRy about eh ecaps. Id' lke to say hello to everyone if I can because I just tured one years old and my mom and dad say that i have great abilities. i can talk really good, but i can't tpe very well bcause my fingers are too small to reach all of the keys, and i liek to type too fast my mom says. but i love writing letters. and my mom and dad are really proud of me. they threWM EM sorry they thre mw m trh thre w me i can't backstpace because my stpid brother broke hte key off . sorry. my brother is three years old. and he is not as smart as i am. my mom and dad threw me this big huge party in hono r of not jsut me turning one years old, but because i am really smart too. i like to play with my toy phone and call reall y important people likt he president of the UNI TED dstates of america, and also my favorite celbrities. i like to watch a lot of tv and eat ice crema, but sometimes it gets all over my face and my mom has to wipe my face down. but ANYWAY i really like to watch "the practice" AND "boston public" even though id on't understand what they are always talking about. i also like "smallville" and i REALLY like sam jones III he plays clark's friend pete. so i pretend i call sam jones theTHRID al ot. i like haley eisenberg becaus e she always said I WANT A PEPSI PELAESE and my mom says please is a important word. I also really like peter gahlleger howeve ryou spell his name becaus i liked CENTER STAGE a WHOLE BUNCH and my mom says i can be a balernina when i get older. also my dad says i can be whatever i want to be which is a DANCER so there. my brother can't talk very well yet but he already sas i stupid a lot. seriously . though. what does i stupid mean? it is a DUMB phrase. anyway, thakns you for reading this letter, and again i apolozige for the bad typing. hopefully whe i get older my fingers will grow and i can type like a ormal person and theni will write better leterrs.
thank you,
last name and location withheld

Babys first birthday

A Special Announcement

We here at were excited to be invited to KROO's Summa Blast 2003 Record Release Party for their upcoming album "A Cappellalypse Now", arriving in music stores and various illegal web download rings across the world. Since KROO's inception at the headquarters of With It Music in Anaheim, California, they've been the talk of the suburbs and inner cities all across America.

They were brought together and conceived inside the corporate headquarters, and these once suburbanites were on their way to becoming superstars.

Four men toasting at party

They celebrated the night away, according to their press agent. And the next morning, Daniel, Steven, Wayne, and Tyler became Cree'O, MacDawgnawlds, Grappa D, and T-Q. They became a huge success, and when preteen rappers became the new fad, a baby was given to them to "raise" in the realm of their ghetto style. Although T-Q never gave in to speaking street, the other members picked up on it quickly, and named MacDawgnawlds their spokesafricanamericanperson.
If you'd like to see more of KROO, just click on their page.